There are a couple opportunities to do some fun events that won’t get you series points.  One is the Idaho OTMX National September 18-19.    AZOT riders are also planning to join SoCal OTMX at Cahuilla Creek Vet track on October 10.  This will be international classes and age splits.

2021 Fall Race Schedule:
     Rnd. 1: Oct 1 (Sat) @ ACP SMX  
     Rnd. 2: Oct 3 (Sun) @ Canyon Mx 

     Rnd 3: Oct 16 (Sat) @ ACP SMX  
     Rnd. 4: Oct 24 (Sun) @ Canyon Mx
     Rnd. 5: Nov 7 (Sun) @ Canyon Mx
     Rnd. 6: Nov 14 (Sat) @ MotoLand (Vet track w/AVDRA)  
     Rnd. 7: Nov 21 (Sun) @ Canyon Mx  
     Rnd. 8: Dec 11 (Sun) @ ACP SMX 

     Rnd. 9: May 2 (sun) @ Motoland Mx

  • 9 event series
  • 5 events to qualify for awards
  • Best 7 finishes for series points

    There are two weekends where there are two races on the same weekend.  Sorry, we can only work with the schedules the tracks put out.We also have added a race with AVDRA on the Motoland front (Vet) track because many racers requested to try and race there.  Like our races with AMX and ACP, you will not have to join AVDRA unless you also want to run one of their classes.