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President#93 Andy Smith   az426426@gmail.com 

Vice President- #387 Mark Adams  otmx94@cox.net

Race Director- #144 Scott Gettinger  gettinger41@yahoo.com

Treasurer- #65 John Dolan    dolan.john.w@gmail.com

Secretary- #361 Daniel Barker   Daniel@acebldgmaint.com 

AZOT Motocross is a  club for age 30+ mx riders - men and women. The primary purpose of the club is to maintain a fun environment with safety being a must- the club motto is "everyone goes to work on Monday". That means competitive and safe racing by all participants. Sportsmanship is the name of the game.

The club holds regular Fall and Spring Series races at our local tracks plus we host 1 International race each year. The club is just one chapter in the International Old Timers MX Organization.

The club holds monthly meetings, Awards Banquets and occasionally rents a track for club members as a way of saying "Thanks" for supporting the club. Great people- Great Club, C'mon and give it a try!  


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​​​​​​​​Next Monthly Meeting:  Tuesday Jan. 23rd- 6:30pm

At Denny's on Scottsdale Rd and the 202 in Scottsdale... 650 N. Scottsdale Rd.

2018 Spring Series - gate & practice times subject to change

Round 1- Jan. 20th  ACP- SMX gates 7am- practice 8am

Round 2- Feb. 18th  Canyon MX gates 6:30am practice 8am

Round 3- Feb. 24th  ACP- SMX  gates 7am practice 8am

Round 4- March 10/11th   AZOT Int'l at Canyon MX  gates 6:30 am practice at 8am

Round 5- March 17th  ACP-SMX gates 7am practice 8am

Round 6- Canyon MX  gates 6:30am - practice 8am

Round 7- Canyon MX  gates 6:30am - practice 8am