Get Ready for the 2020 Int'l Old Timer Race Season:

AZOT MX will host it's Int'l Race Feb. 29th/March 1st, 2020

Race will be at Canyon MX in Peoria,Az again.  Info will be added in near future- stay tuned for details.....

2019 IOTMX Race Series:

Race 1: Arizona OTMX Int'l  March 2/3rd @ Canyon MX in Peoria ,AZ

Race 2: Nevada OTMX Int'l  April 6/7th @ Fernely, NV

Race 3: SoCal OTMX Int'l April 13/14th @ Glen Helen

Race 4: Rocky Mountain OTMX Int'l May 18/19th @ Niarada, MT

Race 5: Washington OTMX Int'l  May 25/26th @ Horn Rapids, Richland, WA

Race 6: Sierra OTMX Int'l  June 8/9th @ Prairie City/Hangtown

Race 7: Oregon OTMX Int'l  July 6/7th @ Washougal MX

Race 8: BC OTMX  Int'l August 10/11th @ Antler Lake, Aggassiz, BC

Race 9: Alberta OTMX Int'l August 10/11th @ Antler Lake MX Edonton,Alb

Race 10: Idaho OTMX Int'l September 21/22nd Owhyhee MX, Boise, ID

Quick Facts:

* Raffle for a brand new 6D ATR-2 Helmet ! $10 per ticket. List is $695.00, image is for reference only. Winner selects their size and color with 6D.

​​​​* Practice is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday leading up to the Race- 2-9 pm. 

 - Practice is $40

* Track address is 9777 W. Carefree Hwy., Peoria, Az  track number is 480- 294-4467

*Pre-Entry is $110- due date is by Feb. 20th!

*Post entry is $125

NEW! we will accept credit card transactions at the Friday evening registration from 4-6pm

and Saturday morning. Note: a $5 CC processing fee will be added.

* Free Camping Friday and Saturday night

* gate charge of $20 for weekend per person