2018 AZOT International will be held March 10-11th at  Canyon MX in Peoria, Az  (www.canyonmx.com). It is the oldest MX track in Az. It has a nice natural terrain layout with some hills, great flow and one of the coolest starts. It is nice and wide and will be a great venue for this event. We have some neat new things planned for 2018 and you will surely not want to miss it- it will be special. 

* No Camping fee!!! Thur/Fri/Sat !

* $10 gate fee per/person per day

* All entries include 1 meal and 1 T-Shirt- post is while supplies last

* 30+ 5 Moto class and Support 

* Track practice schedule:  Wed/Thur/Fri- 2pm-9pm  $30 fee

* Daytona SX depending on schedule/Time

​* Try a hand at the Vintage Yesteryear Challenge

​Welcome to the 2018 AZOT MX Int'l Race home page! 

What is the Vintage Yesteryear Challenge? In a nut shell, it is a chance for us to bring out our older bikes and give them a small workout without the pressure of a serious race. All 4 fun :) and maybe to smell a little pre-mix at the gate.....

* 2 classes: 1999-1981 and 1981- earlier, no picky rules, no headache- just fun!

* Moto 1 is Saturday, Moto 2 is Sunday (after rnd 1 of the old timers moto's)  4 laps each moto

* All participants get a medal for their participation

​*$20 per bike- you can mail in this entry seperate from Int'l entry if you wish. 

​* modeled after the Mammoth Vet Weekend Smoke and Fire race-see video for an idea of what we are doing

* Current plan is to have a tent set up to display the bikes near the bleachers before/after the race if you would like to display them.